Health Services

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"A child must be healthy to learn and a child must learn to be healthy.."
                                                                               -Massachusetts Department of Public Health

The WRHS Health Office is open
 every day school is in session from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Health Office: 508-829 - 6771     Fax: 508-829- 1689
Health Office Staff: 
            Secretary:  Karen Pirani :  Ext: 1331
            Nurse: Louisa Corazzini BSN, RN, NCSN:   Ext. 1333
            Nurse: Luong Duong BSN, RN:  Ext. 1330

In the role as primary medical provider at WRHS, the school nurse:

  • Provides health assessments, first aid, and emergency care
  • Conducts state mandated screening, including vision, hearing, height & weight (BMI),  postural, and SBIRT(Screening, Brief, Intervention, and Referral to Treatment)
  • Develops and implements Individual Health Care Plans (IHCPs) for students with special health care needs
  • Oversees medication administration and assessment for prescription and over the counter medications
  • Maintains confidential student health records
  • Provides link to access community resources
  • Provides health counseling and education individually and in the classroom setting as appropriate
  • Monitors immunization compliance and communicable disease control
Promoting A Partnership

Parent/Guardians have a major role in the health and well-being of their children. It is important for the school nurse and parents to work together to provide a healthy learning experience for their child. Parents can assist by:

  • Sending in completed health forms
  • Updating emergency telephone numbers and contacts in PowerSchool & Emergency Card
  • Obtaining immunizations and physical exams yearly as required
  • Communicating with the school nurse any health concerns you have about your child