Standardized Testing

PSAT registration now open for juniors only!
Please see the registration form on how to sign up.  Registration ends at 2:15pm on 9/15.
Testing Calendars

SAT Calendar
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Register HERE to take the SATs
Register HERE to take the ACTs

Did you take the PSATs?

Students who took the PSATs this past October should have received an email between December 9- December 11th with instructions on creating a College Board account, going to the online score report, and using the access code to view their scores.

To better understand how to interpret the PSAT results, please view this SCORE REPORT VIDEO GUIDE or view this UNDERSTANDING SCORES MANUAL.

We recommend students visit KhanAcademy for specific SAT test strategies. To connect your CollegeBoard account to Khan Academy, follow these simple steps in the video below.