Upcoming Events

ADHD Essentials Presentation for parents on May 9th LGBTQ Presentation for parents on May 16th To RSVP for our upcoming parent events below, please visit our latest Newsletter!

An Overview of the College Athletic Recruiting Process

When: Monday, May 6th 2019 at 7-8pm

Where: Media Center

More information:  A panel of athletic officers and admissions representatives will be discussing the overall process of athletic recruiting.  This event is FOR ALL HIGH SCHOOL PARENTS.

College Financing

When: Tuesday, May 14th 2019 at 6-7pm

Where: WRHS Auditorium

More information:  This presentation given by Dave Landry from the Central Mass College Funding Advisors is a must for all parents of college-bound high school students, including freshman and sophomores. We will demystify the college financial aid process and show you how to access the more than $110 billion in financial aid dollars that are available to even high-income families and business owners. The strategies presented will help you protect your assets by maximizing your eligibility for aid, effectively lowering your college costs.  This event is FOR ALL HIGH SCHOOL PARENTS.