Educational Guide

At Wachusett Regional High School, students must earn a minimum of 110 credits, fulfill graduation requirements as outlined below, and pass the necessary Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System tests to receive a WRHS diploma.

The WRHS Educational Guide offers detailed descriptions of courses, sequences, and prerequisites. Individual department programs and policies are listed within each department's program guide.

English: Twenty (20) credits in English are required for graduation: five in English 9 and five in English 10; and at least 5 in each year of Grades 11 and 12. Of the 10 credits in grades 11 and 12, 2½ must be in American Literature and 2½ in a course designated in the English Program as a literature course. The American Literature requirement is waived for students who take AP Language and Composition. For Wachusett Partnership Program students, Applied Communication I and II fulfill the Grade 11 and 12 requirements. Complete English Department Program Guide.

Mathematics: Fifteen (15) credits in Mathematics are required for graduation. Any full year course offered in the Mathematics Program may be used to satisfy the mathematics requirement. Complete Mathematics Department Program Guide.

Science: Fifteen (15) credits in Science are required for graduation. All courses offered in the Science department may be used to fulfill this requirement. Human Body Works and Survey of Medical and Allied Health Careers, courses offered by Family and Consumer Sciences, may also be used toward the science requirement. Complete Science Department Program Guide.

Social Studies: Fifteen (15) credits in Social Studies are required for graduation. All students must pass 10 credits in U.S. History. Grade 9 students are required to take World History II (5 credits) and Grade 10 students are required to pass U.S. History 1. Grade 11 students are required to pass either U.S. History 2 or A.P. U.S. History. Complete Social Studies Department Program Guide.

World Languages: Ten (10) credits in a world language sequence are required for graduation. Students pursuing the Wachusett Partnership Program, may take 15 credits in a Partnership program in lieu of the world language requirement. Complete World Languages Program Guide.

Physical Education: Seven-and-a-half (7½) credits in Physical Education are required for graduation. All students must pass physical education courses in each of their four years of high school. Students who cannot take Physical Education because of a permanent medical excuse certified by a physician are exempt from Physical Education during that time period. In such cases, although the Physical Education requirement is satisfied, no credits are awarded and the student must make up these credits by electing courses in other departments to fulfill the 110 credits to graduate. Complete Physical Education Department Program Guide.

Fine Arts: Five (5) credits in the arts are required for graduation. All courses in the Art or Music departments meet the fine arts graduation requirement, as do several Partnership courses. Complete Art Department Program Guide. Complete Music Department Program Guide.

Health: Two-and-a-half (2½) credits in health are required for graduation.

Freshman Seminar:Ninth-graders must pass the 2½-credit Freshman Seminar class.