Counseling Presentations

2021-2022 School Year:
April 2022: Junior College Process Presentation and Slides Junior College Process - Presentation Junior College Process - Slides
April 2022: Sophomore College Presentation: Sophomore College Presentation April 2022

April 2022: Anxiety in Adolescents: Supporting Your Stressed-Out Teen Anxiety in Adolescents: Supporting Your Stressed-Out Teen
March 2022: Financial Aid and Scholarship Presentation for Seniors: Financial Aid and Scholarships
March 2022: Junior Naviance and College Admissions Re-cap: Junior Naviance Recap
January 2022: NCAA: Intro to the NCAA
January 2022 Junior Course Scheduling & College Planning: Junior Scheduling and College Planning
January 2022 Course Selection Presentation:  Course Registration Recap
October 2021 Senior Bootcamp: Navigating the Common Application
October 2021 Senior Bootcamp: The College Essay
October 2021 Senior Bootcamp: Your College List and Naviance
October 2021: Freshmen Counseling Presentation
October 2021: Freshmen Parent Orientation Slideshow
September 2021: Fall Senior College Presentation
September 2021: College Planning Presentation

2020-2021 School Year:
April 2021: Sophomore Parent Presentation   March 2021: College Awareness & Planning (slides--for parents of juniors) Video presentation: College Awareness & Planning October 2020: Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2024 October 2020: Financial Aid 101 September 2020: Nuts & Bolts of College Admissions (for parents of seniors) September 2020: Senior Bootcamp Presentations