Incoming Freshmen

Parents/Guardians of incoming freshman students, please review these helpful resources and upcoming presentations to prepare for your student’s transition to Wachusett Regional High School. We look forward to having your student here with us!

8th Grade Parents/Guardians: If your student is NOT attending WRHS in the fall of 2023, please complete this survey as soon as possible.

Upcoming Presentations: 

March 16th: Class of 2027 Curriculum & Course Selection Presentation (Slides)

March 16th: Class of 2027 Curriculum & Course Selection Presentation (Recorded Video)

The following calendar and resources will be helpful to you and your student as you select courses for freshman year: 

Thursday, March 16th at 6:00 pm 

Parents of 8th graders are invited to a presentation beginning at 6:00pm that will feature administrators and department heads discussing the academic experience at Wachusett. We will be discussing the differences between CP, CPA, Honors, and AP levels; what a typical freshman schedule may look like; what electives are available to freshmen; how to pick courses for next year in Powerschool; and other important academic topics. 

March 31st - April 6th 

Current 8th graders login to PowerSchool to review recommendations and make course requests.

If families have questions about levels of courses, please email the appropriate Department Head.

April 7th - April 13th 

Counselors will meet with current 8th grade students to review and finalize course selections and to answer any questions about balancing of course load, graduation requirements and/or elective choices.  The Schedule is below:

Friday, April 7th - Chocksett
Monday, April 10th - Central Tree
Tuesday, April 11th - Mountview
Wednesday, April 12th - Paxton Center
Thursday, April 13th - Thomas Prince

April 21st for incoming Freshman (Grade 8)

All requests for reconsideration of level changes are due for grade 8. This deadline is final.

The links to request Reconsideration Forms for grade 8 can be found below.

Wachusett Regional High School Educational Guide 

Scheduling Process Overview for 2023-2024 for Incoming Ninth Graders

Course Registration Re-Cap (Recorded Presentation)

Reconsideration Forms - English, Math, Science, and Social Studies - Deadline April 21, 2023 (Form will open on March 31st and will close on April 21st, 2023) 

Reconsideration Forms - World Language - Deadline April 21, 2022 (Form will open on March 31st and will close on April 21st, 2023) 

WRHS Performing Groups: Music Department's course selection and audition information

Incoming Freshmen Tool Kit: Info Sheet

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