The WRHS Science Department strives for excellence in the science education of all its graduates. We recognize the fact that science is a human endeavor designed to achieve an increasingly comprehensive and reliable understanding of the human species and its environment. Scientific literacy is an important key to a functioning, technology-based society.

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WRHS 2018 Summer Science Programs: These programs are designed for students enrolled in Wachusett Honors Science. SPeC-I is a two-week, full-day course for incoming freshman enrolled in Honors Freshman Physics. SPeC II is a one-week, half-day course for students enrolled in Honors Biology or Honors Chemistry. Students will explore all aspects of "doing science," from designing an experiment to learning how to use sophisticated data collection devices. By the end of the course, students will have a deeper understanding of how to collect data by having a chance to experiment with the technology of the WRHS Science Department. Click here or on one of the brochures below to complete the application process.

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The WRHS Science Program

WRHS students must successfully complete three years (15 credits) of science course work. To complete this requirement, students typically take Freshman Physics in Grade 9, Biology during sophomore year, and Chemistry during junior year. All these courses are offered at the H, CPA, and CP levels. College bound students are strongly urged to take at least two years of laboratory science courses. The complete Science Department Program Guide contains a detailed course descriptions, as well as sequences and prerequisites.

The WRHS Science Department believes homework is necessary to help students achieve at the high academic level necessary for college preparation. Schoolwork done outside of class provides training in study habits, skills and discipline; it reinforces and increases background knowledge and conceptual understanding; and it provides experiences in problem-solving and self-monitoring. In particular, it provides students an opportunity for them to take personal responsibility for their own achievement.

Honors Science Project

All Honors science students must complete an Honors Project. The complete manual for Honors Science Projectsoutlines rules and procedures for that project. In addition, please refer to the Honors Biology and Honors Chemistrysummer letters from the Science Department, which outline the full requirements and due dates.

Physics students may also visit the Honors Physics Project Website for important information related to the Honors Science Project.

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