clubs, musical groups, and athletic teams

Wachusett Regional High School encourages students to take part in the wealth of activities that exist at our school outside the classroom. The clubs and activities listed through the links below will appeal to a wide range of interests. Most of the clubs listed below will run during the school year, but some are entirely dependent on the interests of students.

If a student wishes to form a new club, the student must download the Application to Form a Club, fill it out and bring it to the main office.

Fundraising Activities: Before any student group can raise money for their activities, the adult adviser must fill out and submit a Fundraising Application Form. That form must be submitted to the principal at least two weeks before any fundraising event.

Clubs, Musical Groups, and Athletic Teams

Below is a compilation of clubs and athletic teams at Wachusett Regional High School. Although many of the clubs listed will run, some are entirely dependent on the interests of the student body. In addition, new clubs are formed almost every year. The requirement for forming a new club is to get the permission of the Principal and secure an advisor for the club who must also be approved by the Principal.

Members may post flyers around the building announcing meetings or information can be broadcast over the school’s public address system during each day’s morning announcements by filing a written announcement and getting the advisor’s permission for the announcement to be read. All announcements read over the PA in the morning are also posted on the school’s website. Morning announcements may be emailed to the main office secretary or written on a piece of paper and given to the main office secretary. Completed forms may be left there for the approval of the Principal.


Acoustic Guitar Club (Mr. Tarmey)
This acoustic guitar-only club will allow students of all ability levels to learn from and teach each other. Students will need to bring their own guitars to participate. Sorry, no electric guitars allowed. Meets during 40-min activity periods in C217.

Adventure Club (Mr. Majoy)
This club has many goals and purposes, both physical and mental. Students will learn outdoors and life skills. We will stay active and healthy with year round activities while having fun, trying new experiences to push our comfort zones and create lifetime hobbies by exploring the outdoors. The club will also be a chance for students to meet like-minded people and improve teamwork skills. The club will stay open to suggestions and new activities like rock climbing, hiking, fishing/fly-fishing, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, zip lining, obstacle races (like Spartan races), as well as other indoor/outdoor activities. The club will fundraise and make connections to make our goals and activities work. Meets in G108.

Agriculture Club (Mr. Chandonnet and Mr. Whitmore)
Our goal is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about and gain experience in cultivating plants, working with chickens and more. The club will raise environmental awareness and responsibility through sustainable practice. Club activities will include: planting and harvesting produce within school courtyards, raising laying hens, tapping maple trees for sugaring, growing pumpkins for community events, hosting workshops in agricultural topics, and implementing sustainable practice within the school. Meets at 2:30-3:30 on Thursdays in C133 and during 40-min activity periods.

Anime Club (Mrs. Cross, Ms. Reichert)
Anime club is for any students interested in Japanese Anime or Manga, Japanese culture, or drawing.  During meetings, students bring Anime to watch and discuss related topics including events such as Anime Boston. Meets after school on Mondays in C108 and during 40-min activity periods.

Audio Visual Club (Mr. N. McTigue)
This club is for anyone interested in video production.  We film school events, including concerts, sporting events, and school committee meetings, among others events.  There is also the possibility for students to participate in internships and Holden Community Television and Rutland Cable. Meets twice a month on Mondays in C109.

Autism Awareness (Ms. Beaudry)
The Autism Awareness Club will help the Wachusett community come together to support these amazing individuals that are on the Autism Spectrum, to include, assist, and guide them during their journey through Wachusett Regional High School.  The club will participate in community-based activities during the month of April, which as has been designated as Autism Awareness month, and raise funds to help support the students throughout their time in high school. 

Be Like Brit Club (Mrs. Hahn, Mrs. Hickey)
Be Like Brit Club will participate in walks, along with volunteering for the great BLB foundation.  Our goal is to raise awareness, money, and excitement for the foundation. Meets every other Tuesday in D108 (Oct 2, 16, 30).

Book Club (Mrs. Stern)
Members of the WRHS book club read the same title and then meet to discuss it. The goal of the WRHS book club is to encourage respectful literary conversation in a welcoming space. Meets during 40-min activity periods in the Media Center starting in November.

Civics Club (Mr. Concannon-Smith, Mr. Jourdain)
The WRHS Civics Club is broad in scope but revolves around institutional government and politics with a focus on civics and civil engagement. There are three main components to the club; Model Congress, Independent Study credit, and Close Up Washington DC trip. Meets Thursdays in B209 and during 40-min activity periods in B105.

Class Officers (Administration)
Each class at the high school is organized and officers are elected.  Elections for freshmen officers are held in the fall and the other three classes elected this year’s officers in the spring.  In addition to elected officers, there are plenty of opportunities for members of each class to get involved with class activities.

Classic Cars Club (Mr. Wilde, Mrs. DeSimone)
Are you interested in car restoration or hot rods? Do you want to know what it takes to bring an antique auto back to mint condition? Any student interested in participating in the classic car workshop may sign up with Mrs. DeSimone in the Upper School Office. Don’t miss this opportunity where Mr. Wilde will introduce you to one of his classic cars! Meets during 40-min activity periods.

Computer Club (Mr. LaBaire)
The computer club is a self-directed group of students that like all things about programming and technology.  Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming are introduced in a fun facilitated way.  Computer hardware, computer building, software and occupations will also be discussed.

DECA (Mr. LaBaire)
(Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, and Management, this club introduces students to marketing, entrepreneurship, management, finance, and community service.)  Students in the club actively participate in the selling of WachuWear and spirit items to the Wachusett community through the school store, the Wachu Wearhouse.  Club members also compete in business competitions at the District, State and National level during the school year. Meets twice a month on Tuesdays in H103/105.

Debate Club (Mrs. Finney)
Students will have the opportunity to discuss current events and their political aspects. Students will learn to respect differing points of view and become comfortable speaking in front of a group of their peers. Meets every other Wednesday in E103.

Delta Epsilon Phi (German Honor Society) (Ms. Reichert)
At the end of three consecutive semesters of studying the German language at the high school, students with an “A” average are inducted into this Society.  The induction Ceremony is held in the fall of each school year by the Foreign Language Department. Meets as announced.

Dungeons and Dragons (Ms. Donahue)
Students will meet in room C110 on Tuesdays after school to play Dungeons and Dragons with their peers.  The game gives students the opportunity to use critical thinking and problem solving skills. Meets on Tuesdays until 3:30 in E103.

E.U.R.E.K.A. (Encouraging Underclassmen to Research and Experiment to Know All)
(Ms. Litterio-Foster)
Juniors and Seniors mentor underclassmen looking for help on their current Honors science project.  This help includes the formation of ideas, designing experiments, training on equipment, statistical analysis, report editing, and project presentation skills. Meets Tuesday mornings before school at 7:00am in D113.

Echo (Ms. Sasso)
The school newspaper needs lots of students to do a variety of jobs to make sure that this publication is produced eight times each school year. Writers & Editors meet Mondays 2:30-3:30 in C206.

Echo Cartooning Club (Ms. Farricker)
This club is for students who like to draw and are interested in illustrating articles for The Echo. Students meet in J102 (The Graphics Lab) and learn about editorial cartooning. Whenever there is an upcoming issue of the Echo, students are given an article to illustrate. One or two illustrations will appear in the Echo each month. Students can develop a portfolio of cartoons. Meets on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month in J102.

Echo Graphic Editors (Ms. Farricker)
This is the production component of the Echo.  Graphic Communications 2 students can become Echo Graphic Editors.  They meet six times per year to refine and fine-tune the finished pages before the newspaper goes to print. Meets as announced.

Echo Photography Club (Ms. Farricker)
This club is for students who are interested in taking photographs for The Echo. Students meet in J102 (The Graphics Lab) to learn about photo-journalism. Whenever there is an upcoming issue of the Echo, photographers are given photo assignments and their photos appear in The Echo. Students can develop a portfolio of documentary photographs. Meets on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month in J102.

E-Sports Team (Mr. Paradise)
This club was created to give more competitive gamers the ability to join teams with other students for games of their choice. This club provides gamers a way to represent Wachusett while also being given the opportunity to acquire awards, prizes, and even scholarships. Students are also given the ability to meet other gamers, or to seek advice to improve their gaming capabilities.

Fashion Club (Ms. Jasiekiewicz, Mrs. Kathman)
A place were those interested in fashion gather and explore trends, play with cosmetics, watch designer fashion shows and make accessories.  This year, learn about Paris fashion, create an awesome Halloween costume, sew a 1950's poodle skirt, and more! Meets Tuesdays in J101 as announced.

Gamer Club (Mr. DiBenedetto)
Gamer club is a place for kids who love video games to come and make new friends.  A variety of video games are played and discussed.  All levels of skill are welcome. Meets on Fridays 2:30-3:30 in C114.

G.S.A. - Gay/Straight Alliance/Youth Pride (Ms. Lewis)
A coalition of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning and straight students to support each other and work to create a tolerant Wachusett. The group meets every other week to plan activities that are social and supportive. Meets on Fridays 2:20-3:30 in the Media Center.

German Club (Ms. Reichert)
The purpose/goal of the German club is to promote German culture and language among the school community. We welcome students who are taking German, as well as students of other languages who are interested in learning more about German culture.  This will be done through films, food, music, and cultural crafts. Meets on Tuesdays 2:20-3:30 in B111.

Hackey Sack Club (Mr. Chevrette)
This activity provides exercise, relaxation, fun, team-building and improves coordination.  All are welcome to join. Meets during 40-min activity periods in Auditorium, and then in the dance room periodically as announced.

Hispánica Capitulo Ruy Díaz (Spanish National Honor Society) (Mrs. Montiverdi)
At the end of two consecutive years of studying Spanish at the high school those students who have an average of 90% or better and those who maintain an average of 88% or better after 3 years of study are inducted into this society.  An induction ceremony is scheduled each fall by the Foreign Language Department. Meets as announced.

Homeless Women Outreach Club (Mrs. Wright)
The purpose of this club would be to fundraise money and collect feminine products for women who cannot afford such products.  The funds raised would benefit homeless girls and women in our local area.

International Club (Ms. DeStratis, Ms. Little)
The International Club helps foster friendships through multicultural interactions.  Students learn more about different cultures and participate in various cultural activities. Through their experiences, they will develop an awareness of and an appreciation for cultural differences and similarities. This cultural awareness will broaden their understanding of the role of culture within the global community.

La Société Honoraire De Français (French Honor Society) (Mr. Monahan)
At the end of two years of the study of French at the high school, students with an average of 90 or better are inducted into this Society and are presented with Certificates of Membership in a fall ceremony conducted by the Foreign Language Department.

Latin Club (Ms. Hayes)
A club devoted to the promotion of the study of Latin and Classical Cultures.  Members will participate in activities such as reenacting ancient Roman ceremonies and celebrating holiday traditions, attending Classic’s Day celebrations at Boston University and Holy Cross, etc., visiting middle schools to promote the study of Latin, hosting food drives and other such activities to help the local community, and working with other language clubs to create a multicultural atmosphere at WRHS. Meets during 40-min activity periods.

Leftist Club (Mr. Concannon Smith)
The purpose of this club is to organize the Wachusett leftist community as well as educate those interested in leftist politics through leftist literature, discussion, and current events. Activities will include studying and discussing leftist media and art, discussion and analysis of opposing view points, examination of literature and international incidents, and discussions on how to improve the world. Meets in B105.

Math Team (Mrs. Cornwell, Mrs. Lewis)
This club competes at the varsity and freshman levels in the Worcester County Math League.  Please see any math teacher if you are interested in this activity. Varsity/JV/Freshman meet on Mondays 2:20-3:30 in D105.

Middle School Tutoring Club (Ms. Collard)
The club consists of a group of students who go to Mountview Middle School after school to tutor the middle school students in Mountview's homework center.  A few seniors, who each take responsibility for “manning” the tutoring classrooms one day a week, run the club. The leaders meet twice or more a month, and plan to meet with the volunteers during the club activity period, to check in, to help strategize ways to build relationships, and to work with students. Meets Mondays through Thursdays, locations varies at Central Tree, Chocksett and Mountview middle schools.

Mock Trial (Mr. Concannon Smith)
Do you enjoy courtroom dramas either on television or in film? Have you ever thought about becoming a lawyer? Maybe you are more interested in theater? If you have any interest in law or drama, you should seriously consider joining the Wachusett Regional Mock Trial Team. Mock Trial is a program where students argue criminal cases based on actual modified versions of real criminal cases heard by Massachusetts’s courts in recent years. Taking on the roles of both lawyer and witness, the team competes by arguing one side of the case against other school teams in the region. The competitions take place in actual courtrooms and decisions rendered by real lawyers and judges.

The Monty Python Club (Mr. Cranson)
This club will provide an opportunity for students to come together and make meaningful connections with other like-minded students.  Students will gain an appreciation for British comedy troupe, Monty Python and will watch Monty Python movies.  The hope is to continue a legacy, started by ex-Wachusett teacher, Glen Hersey, who founded the original club.

Mountaineer Peers (Mr. Senior, Mr. England)
Our mission is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships.  Students with intellectual disabilities are paired with their non-disabled peers in the hopes of creating enriching and lasting friendships.  Membership is limited and by application only.

Mountaineer Volunteers (Ms. L’Ecuyer, Mrs. Paradise, Mrs. Jarrett)
A service organization that meets after school and has been involved in food drives, raking leaves for senior citizens, homework club at Mayo School, visiting local nursing homes and various fundraising activities. A highlight of each year is the sponsorship of a senior citizen dinner dance at the high school. Meets every other Monday 2:30-3:15 in teachers café and during 40-min activity periods.

Mu Alpha Theta (National Math Honor Society) (Ms. Collard)
This is an organization whose purpose is to stimulate interest in mathematics by providing public recognition of superior mathematical scholarship and by promoting various mathematical activities.  Membership is open to grade 11 and 12 students by invitation subject to academic eligibility. Meetings are held on a monthly basis, with additional activities throughout the year in support of the mathematical needs of the school and the interests of the students.

National Art Honors Society (Ms. Wiles)
Open to freshmen through seniors who are either currently enrolled in or have completed at least one year of art and have maintained at least a B average in art. The mission of NAHS is to spread artistic awareness and appreciation around the school and the greater community. Participants in the NAHS run the Bowes Art Gallery at WRHS and conduct community service projects in and outside the school. See your art teacher if you are interested in joining NAHS. Meets monthly on Wednesdays in J107 (10/17, 11/7, 1/23, 3/6, 5/1).

National Business Honor Society (Mrs. Jeffcoat)
This club provides honor and national recognition to outstanding business education students who meet the NBHS membership criteria. Meets during 40-min activity periods in H203.

National Honor Society (Mrs. Montiverdi)
Open to juniors and seniors, the WRHS faculty selects the membership according to how each eligible individual exhibits the four guiding principles of N.H.S. membership; Character, Service, Leadership and Scholarship.  Students thus selected must maintain an average of 85.0 and be successful in continuing to measure up to the four guiding principles of the organization.  NHS participates in a number of service events at the high school, sponsors the school’s annual Holiday Blood Drive and maintains a student tutoring service, among other things.  An annual induction ceremony is held shortly following the winter holiday.  Meets the 1st Tuesday of the month.

National Junior Classical League Latin Honor Society (Ms. Hayes)
Sponsored by the National Junior Classical League, this society inducts students who maintain an A/A- average through at least 4 quarters of the study of Latin at the High school.  An annual induction ceremony is held each fall by the Foreign Language Department.

One World Club (Ms. Sasso)
The goal of this club is to help provide a chance for better education in third world countries. The plan is to meet every other Wednesday to brainstorm two fundraisers that will be completed each month. Some of the ideas include bake sales, comedy night, and a yoga night. All of the money raised through the club activities would be sent to the One World School in Gambia, Africa. This club will also work one on one with Gina Engel, representative of the Children’s International nonprofit educational system in Worcester. Meets every other Wednesday 2:20-3:30 in C206.

Ping Pong Club (Mr. Brewer)
This group brings together students who have a passion for playing ping-pong. One goal is to increase skills for all levels of players.  The club meets on Friday afternoons during the winter sports season. Meets on Fridays outside the Auditorium, January to June.

Poetry Club (Ms. L. Leschke)
Poetry Club will meet after school in room C214.  This club is student run and is a place for all lovers of poetry.  We will often use the time to write poems and share them for the purpose of feedback.  At times we will also read and share poems that we enjoy or want to talk about. Meets on Tuesdays 2:20-3:20 in C212.

Positivity Campaign (Mr. Richards)
The Positivity Campaign will help bring positivity, kindness, and smiles to the halls of Wachusett.  It’s goal is to make Wachusett a more friendly and inviting place creating projects, completing random acts of kindness, and attending events that our school puts on, this campaign can help bring encouragement and positivity to these events.  Members can attend sporting events holding signs that support all players and attend the Special Olympics holding signs to encourage participants and inspire them.  We want to help gather school spirit, encourage kindness, and make an impact in the community. 

Presentation Education (Mr. LaBaire)
Presentation Education assists students who desire to increase and build on their presentation skills. Whether the presentation is a complex video or a simple tri-fold poster Presentation Education looks to assist the student with their presentation on long term or short term projects. Presentation Education is open to all students with various presentation skills and no knowledge is assumed.

Project Purple Club (Ms. Jasiekiewicz)
Project Purple is an initiative of the Herren Project that was established by former NBA basketball player Chris Herren. The goal is to break the stigma of addiction and bring awareness to the dangers of substance abuse and treatment.  Students make a yearly pledge not to use drugs or alcohol.

Red Cross Club (Mrs. Wright)
This club will coordinate Red Cross mission-related service projects, fundraise and work with local chapters to volunteer at events. The club will also raise money for disaster relief, collect supplies/snacks for troops, organize CPR training events and blood drives (or support local ones), raise awareness, and work with local chapters and clubs to organize events and activities. Meets on Mondays in D116.

Robotics Team (Mr. G. Chandonnet, Mrs. Flanagan, Mr. Paradise, Mr. Whitmore)
The WRHS Robotics Team competes in regional robotics tournaments sponsored by VEX Robotics.  The competition requires an intense project where local high schools design, construct and control a remotely operated vehicle for a sport-based playoff whose objective changes each year. Meets on Thursdays 2:30-3:30 in E118.

Rubik’s Cube Club (Mr. Entwistle)
This club creates a place where anyone interested in speed cubing and Rubik’s cube-like puzzles can come and share their hobby with others and enjoy the same interests. Experienced and novice speed solvers alike can share and teacher members different methods, techniques, tips, tricks and ideas related to solving Rubik’s cube-like puzzles. More experienced members can answer questions and offer insight. Competitions will he held periodically where members can test their skills. You do not need to know how to solve a Rubik’s cube to join, we’d be happy to teach you. Bringing your own puzzle is recommended but not required. Meets on Mondays in C116.

S.A.D. (Seasonal Activated Depression) (Mr. Jourdain)

This club was initiated to assist peers to get through hard times during winter. The core values would be to just relax while remaining open to new ideas. This club is run by the group with activities changing weekly.

Save the Animals (Mrs. Dubzinski)
This is a club dedicated to raising money for animal charities and improving the environment for the benefit of animals.  Members will volunteer at animal shelters. Meets on Wednesdays (when there are no staff meetings) in E203.

Science National Honor Society (Dr. Sparks)
SNHS is a nationally recognized organization for students compelled to participate in the sciences.  Members are required to participate in community service projects and tutoring.  Interested students are able to improve and display their involvement in science. Meets monthly in D209 at 2;15, either Tuesday or Thursday.

Science Seminar (Mr. Guerin, Mr. Whitmore)
The goal of Science Seminar is to expose students interested in science to a wide range of science topics, current research, and opportunities to improve their own research and experimental projects.  During the first hour, students listen to a speaker, usually a working scientist who shares his/her research.  Speakers are from all areas of science.  During the lecture hour of Seminar, students learn about current research.  Students are encouraged to evaluate other scientific and technological evidence and explanations.  During the second hour, students work with advisors to get advice on their Science Fair projects.  Advisors to Science Seminar are not WRHS faculty, but scientists from the community who volunteer their time and expertise.  Initial entry into Science Seminar is gained by passing a test administered by Science Seminar faculty. Meets on Tuesday nights 7-9pm.

Sherry’s Helpers (Ms. Litterio-Foster)
Sherry’s Helpers is club designed to provide support to children undergoing cancer treatment at Sherry’s House in Worcester, MA. The club makes cards and writes pen pal letters to the children undergoing treatment, volunteers their time to help with family fun events at Sherry’s House and organizes fundraisers to purchase essentials needs, as well as, items on their wish list. Meets once a month on Thursdays in D205.

The S.H.I.N.E. Initiative (Ms. Beccia)
The S.H.I.N.E. initiative is a group that spreads awareness for mental wellness.  It was started in the early 2000’s and has spread all through Massachusetts.  The mission of S.H.I.N.E. is to recognize mental illness in children and young adults as a mainstream health issue and remove the stigma associated with it.

Spikeball Club (Mr. Berman)
Spikeball is a game that can be played indoor and/or outdoor.  It has a circular net that is placed on the ground.  Teams are either 2 versus 2 or 3 versus 3.  The object of the game is to hit the ball off the net (a spike) so your opponent cannot return it.  Teams volley back and forth with each team and are able to use up to three hits (much like volleyball) before hitting it back on the net.  The goal of this club is to offer a physical activity to students who are not involved with a school sport or who are currently in the off-season.  Spikeball involves a lot of movement, hand-eye coordination, energy, and teamwork to play.

Student Council (Ms. Foucher)
Each class elects members to represent it on the school’s Student Council.  Elections are held at the same time that class officers are chosen.  However, anyone is welcome to participate in the council activities and join the meetings.  This club runs school events and activities including Homecoming and Winter Carnival.  Meetings are on Wednesday afternoon. Meets during 40-min activity periods in E213 and on Wednesdays 2:30-3:15 in H103/105.

Table Top Club (Ms. Beaudry)
The purpose of this club is to get students back to basics in socializing skills. The club uses board games only, no electronic devices. Games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Spot it, Connect Four, etc. will be played.

The Theater Company at Wachusett (Drama Club) (Ms. C. Leschke, Mrs. Stern)
This club supports the theatrical activities of WRHS. The club supports the fall and spring productions, stages the student-produced Theatre Blitz!, participates in theatre-based field trips, and fundraises for drama opportunities at WRHS. Meetings usually take place on alternate Thursday afternoons and membership requires a commitment of time and talent to at least one production.

Think Globally, Act Locally (Mrs. Colwell-Arbour)
The goal of this club is to discuss and raise awareness of global issues and apply similar concepts to our society.  By looking at problems around the world, we as a club think of ideas that might prevent similar issues on a smaller level from happening in our own school, town etc. Meets Mondays in E103.

Ukulele Club (Mr. Crowley)
The Ukulele is a fun and easy instrument to learn.  Members are taught several chords and are able to play songs.  Aspects of Hawaiian culture are incorporated into the club as well.  The goal is to build a family of ukulele players at Wachusett. Meets every other Thursday 2:20-3:00 in H208.

Ultimate Frisbee Club (Mrs. Beccia)
This group brings together students who have a passion for playing Ultimate Frisbee.  One goal is to increase skills for all levels of players.  Meeting dates are announced in advance.

WachEcon (Mr. Magnani)
WachEcon is Wachusett’s Economics club that is going to assemble a team of students to compete at economic competitions against students from other schools.  In addition to this, we’re organizing a group of students who want to further their knowledge of Economics through guest speakers, lectures, and learning beyond the lessons taught during a class. 

WachuMakers (Makerspace) (Mr. G. Chandonnet, Mr. Paradise)
This is a collaborative of artists, tinkerers and generally awesome people who want to meet others oriented with the same goals and mindset.  Engineering and art are combined to imagine and build various things.  All are welcome. Meets on Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 in C133 and during 40-min activity periods.

Wachusett Closet (Ms. Bradway, Mr. Gribouski, Mrs. Kathman)
This club maintains a room with clothing, accessories and school supplies for use by any WRHS student who requests access. Members of the club launder and organize the room.

Wachusett Leo’s (Ms. Zingarella)
The Leo’s club is a teenage division of the Lion’s Club.  The Lion’s Club is dedicated to community service and the Wachusett Leo’s will be working with the Lion’s Club to provide various community service programs that will focus on the social region as well as state and national programs. Meets twice a month on Thursdays in the teachers café.

Writing Club (Mr. Farrell)
This club gets together to read our own work and write in response to prompts. Meets on Thursdays 2:25-3:30 in E105.

Yearbook (Mrs. Waire)
A staff of artistic, literary and technically talented students is needed each year to produce the school yearbook.  Although primarily for seniors, this book chronicles the events of the school year and is available for sale to all students.  For additional information please Meets on Tuesdays at 2:15 in C114.

Young Republicans Club (Mr. Concannon-Smith)
This club will discuss the various current events of the political world. Activities to start could include fundraising by bake sale or raffle for a charity. The club goals are to allow students to express their views in an open and safe environment, separate from the Debate club, and expect students to be respectful of others. Meets on Mondays in B105.


Music Performance Opportunities

Wachusett Acappella (Ms. Will)
Consisting of the Men’s Acappella group and the Women’s Acappella group at Wachusett, Acappella rehearses once a week afterschool. Wachusett Acappella is a place to perform contemporary pop arrangements.  Acappella performs at all Solo and Ensemble nights as well as other talent shows and events throughout the year.   Auditions for these groups occur in September. Meets during 40-min activity periods and Mondays at 7am in the choir room.

Wachusett Flute Choir (Mr. Kast)
All students who play flutes are welcome to participate in this performing ensemble.  The group meets for rehearsals one evening a week and they perform twice a year at the Solo and Ensemble Concerts in January and May. Meets on Thursdays 6:30-7:30 starting in October.

Wachusett Jazz Ensemble II (Mr. D. Miller)
This full “big band” rehearses and performs all types of Jazz.  Any students who play saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, electric bass, drums or piano are welcome to join this group.  The ensemble rehearses one night each week and performs at four concerts per year in October, December, March and May.  The group also travels to the University of New Hampshire to participate in the UNH/Clark Terry Jazz Festival in March.

Wachusett Chamber Music Players (Mr. D. Miller)
This group is created as an addition to the Wachusett Chamber Orchestra, except we will play literature specifically written for quartets and quintets.  By doing this, we hope to introduce more students to the greater and more complex musical talents of, but not limited to, Mendellsohn, Schubert, Schumann, and Beethoven.  We will rehearse weekly on one or two pieces chosen and the goal is to better individual members of a quartet and as members of the entire orchestra.   


Athletic Teams

Athletic Director – Jennifer Lynch
Facilities Manager – Mark Wilde

Wachusett Regional High School has varsity, junior varsity and freshman athletic teams.  Students from each of the four classes are eligible to try out for all of the varsity and junior varsity teams.  Freshman teams only include members of that class.  Generally speaking, junior varsity teams include freshman and sophomores.

For some sports (soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, and softball) cuts are made because the teams could not function and conduct meaningful practices beyond a certain number of players.  Other teams (football, cross country, winter and spring track) do not make cuts.

Following is a listing of teams currently in place at Wachusett.

Fall Sports

  • Football (Varsity, J.V., Freshman) – Head coach – Michael Dubzinski
  • Football Cheerleading (Varsity, J.V.) – Head coach – Holly Boulay
  • Boys’ Soccer – (Varsity, J.V., Freshman) – Head coach – Jason Gaumond
  • Girls’ Soccer - (Varsity, J.V., Freshman) – Head coach – David Gentleman
  • Boys’ Golf – (Varsity) – Head coach – Nick Guerin
  • Girls Cross Country – Head coach – Michael O'Malley
  • Boys Cross Country – Head coach – Brian Wallace
  • Girls’ Volleyball – (Varsity, J.V.)– Head coach – Jennifer Burton
  • Field Hockey – Head coach – Kerry Berry
  • Fall Strength and Conditioning Coach – Derek VanOudenhove

Winter Sports

  • Boys’ Basketball (Varsity, J.V., Freshman) – Head coach – Tom Gibbons
  • Basketball Cheerleading – Head coach – Holly Boulay
  • Girls’ Basketball (Varsity, J.V., Freshman) – Head coach – Jim Oxford
  • Ice Hockey – (Varsity, J.V.) – Head coach – Matt Lane
  • Swimming (coed) – Head coach – Jochen Welsch
  • Boys’ Indoor Track – Head coach – Michael O’Malley
  • Girls’ Indoor Track – Head coach – Michael O’Malley
  • Alpine Skiing – Head coach – Yury Vashugin

Spring Sports

  • Baseball (Varsity, J.V.) – Head coach – Mark Peters
  • Softball (Varsity, J.V.) – Head coach – Jason Lanpher
  • Girls’ Golf – Head Coach – Nick Guerin
  • Boys’ Lacrosse (Varsity, J.V.) – Head coach – Phil Jackson
  • Girls’ Lacrosse (Varsity, J.V.) – Head coach – Emily Rejniak
  • Boys’ Tennis – Head coach – Tony Brissette
  • Girls’ Tennis – Head coach – Pauline Smith
  • Boys Volleyball – (Varsity, J.V.) – Head coach – Peter Cranson
  • Girls’ Track – Head coach – Michael O’Malley
  • Boys’ Track – Head coach – Kevin Briggs


The Wachusett Regional School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, ELL status, housing status, or other protected status in the operation of the educational programs, activities, or employment policies, and no person will be excluded from or discriminated against in admission to its public schools, or in obtaining advantage and privileges in regards to courses of study and extracurricular programs of such public schools on account of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, ELL status, housing status or other protected category.