2024-2025  Officers:

President: Jack Greene
VP: Abigail Lei
Secretary: Yumna Fayyoumi
Treasurer: Jillian Sanders
PR: Minerva Vivoni-Ocon
Community Service: Haley Dow
Blood Drive Coordinator: Jacob Fassett
Tutoring Coordinator: Ava Roedel


The president runs officer and chapter meetings. He/She create agendas for the officer meetings and make executive decisions. 

Vice President: 
The vice president fills in for the president when they are not able to lead. The vice president is also in charge of attendence.

The secretary takes minutes at chapter and officer meetings and creates agendas for chapter meetings. The secretary also manages the NHS website.

The treasurer manages the chapter's funds. 

Public Relations: 
Public relations manages outreach to the chapter with emails, tweeting, facebooking, and through remind101. 

Tutoring Coordinators:
Tutoring coordinators manage the tutoring schedule, the sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and tracks each members tutoring hours. 

Blood Drive Coordinators: 
The blood drive coordinators run blood drives at the school throughout the year.

Community Service Officers: 
Community service officers track each members community service and manage incoming service opportunities.