School Counseling

WRHS Counseling Services

Director of School Counseling:

Lauren Clark,  ext. 1647 

School Counselors:
Cari Baker, ext. 1618
Allison Connors, ext. 1617
Michael Dubzinski, ext. 1622
Brittany Hanna, ext, 1625
Lauren Freeman, ext. 1621
Kerri Knorring, ext. 1640
Christina Lee, ext. 1616
Jennifer Reilly, ext. 1638

School Adjustment Counselor:
Jenna Damato, ext. 1334
Administrative Assistants:
Linda Marchessault, ext. 1615
Julie Scott, ext. 1614

BRYT Program:
Academic Coordinator
Jessica Bahde, ext. 1663

School Adjustment Counselor:
Melanie Designas, ext. 1663

School counselors address all students’ academic, career and social/emotional development needs by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes student success.  School counselors provide tiered interventions in order to:

  • improve student achievement and promote a commitment to lifelong learning,
  • prepare all students to become successful adults and productive members of society,
  • promote the positive personal/social development within a safe learning environment. CEEB code: 221010