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Wachusett Summer Art Academy 2024

5 morning sessions during the week of July 22 - 25:  

Recycled Sculpture, Grades 1 - 4
Transform recycled materials with mixed media into fun works of art! (1 section)

Upcycled Fashion, Grades 3 - 6
Turn used and gently worn clothing into new and exciting fashion pieces. (1 section)

Ceramics, Grades 3 - 6
Learn a variety of handbuilding techniques: pinch, slab, and coil to create sculptural and functional objects in clay. (1 section)

Animation, Grades 7 - 9
Learn the basics of animation on the computer to create fun animated GIFs. Stop motion animation may also be explored. (1 section)

Painting and Drawing, Grades 7 - 9
Use traditional drawing and painting materials, including watercolor and acrylics, to create expressive landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Get outside and enjoy the beautiful high school campus! (1 section)




Art Department Faculty Office: 508-829-6771 ext. 1707

Art Faculty

Audrey Fusco-Benoit, Department Head
Racheal Bellemer
Suzanne Breen
Brian Keddy
James Ryan
Sarah Wiles