Class of 2021

Important Information for Seniors

Class Administrator: Mrs. Victoria DeSimone 508-829-6771 ext. 1633

Upper School Secretary: Karen Lapierre, Ext. 1623
Class Advisers: Samantha Cornwell, Bob Becker, Dave Entwistle, Jeff Gribouski, and Kayla Lewis

Class Officers: Brendan Mullaney, president; John Kelly, vice president; Jillian Stone, treasurer; Riley McNamara, secretary

Student Council: Giana Bianchini

School Committee:  Kathryn Mangus and Kenichi Gomi

WRHS Student Handbook

Parent Letter - For parents of Grade 10, 11 & 12 Students

Dismissal Policy

Students to be dismissed must bring a note, signed by a parent/guardian, to the Upper School office before 8 a.m. on the day they are to be dismissed. No phone dismissals are allowed. Students may not be dismissed during long block except for a documented medical or legal appointment. The class administrator must approve all long-block dismissals.

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Reporting Student Absences
Class Dues 
Student Parking
Driver's Ed
Health Services
Cafeteria/Food Services
Clubs and Activities
Classroom Learning Assistants (CLAs)
School Supplies
Guest Forms

Reporting Student Absences

All student absences must be verified by a parent or guardian. If a freshmen or sophomore will be absent, the parent should call 508-829-6771 ext. 5070 and report/verify the student's absence.

Class Dues

Class dues for WRHS students is $100 over four years. Students may pay the $100 as a lump sum, or may pay $25 yearly. Class dues is used to help defray the costs of class trips, proms, and other class events. Checks should be made payable to WRSD and payments can be dropped off to Karen Lapierre in B201. For information on class dues or to find out how much dues your child owes, contact the advisor in charge, Ms. Samantha Cornwell at

Student Parking

Student Parking Permits for 2019-20 are NOT AVAILABLE to juniors at this time. 

There will be a limited number of daily parking passes available for $2.00 per pass. Juniors are eligible to purchase 5 daily passes per quarter. Juniors  must show their license and provide make/model of car at time of purchase in order to receive a day pass. Because daily passes are limited, Juniors are encouraged to purchase a pass at least 24 hours in advance to secure a spot.

In addition,  there will be a limited number of Sports Parking passes available to juniors who participate on a WRHS Fall sport team.  Please request this pass through your coach.

A reminder: Parking on campus without a proper pass or permit will result in a parking ticket.

Driver's Ed

Getting a Driver's License: Are you 16 years old and ready to get your driver's license? Check out the WRHS Driver Ed. program. The classes are held after school at the high school. It couldn't be more convenient.


SAT Registration/Administration: Students must register for the SAT online. There is no more standby testing. Students with questions should contact their guidance counselor. For information on SATs and to register, please visit the College Board website.
Please review these rules for taking the SAT:

  • All testers must have an acceptable ID (Driver's license, passport, school ID, state ID) with a passport-quality headshot that must resemble their present appearance. Even with a picture on a registration ticket and even if we know the students personally, we cannot admit them without an acceptable ID.
  • All testers must have their SAT registration ticket with them at all times during test day. Without a ticket, we cannot admit them even if they are on the roster and even if we know them.
  • No more test center or test changes. For example, if someone changes her mind on test day to take a subject test instead of the regular test, we cannot permit the change. The same goes for center changes. A student registered at Burncoat, for example, cannot come to Wachusett.
  • The only test changes possible are non-standard to standard (and vice versa). Those with accommodations can only waive their rights with written permission from a parent or legal guardian. Otherwise they must report to the extended-time proctor. Those registered for the regular SAT or Subject Test, who come with SSD approval letters for extended time (or other accommodations), can switch to the non-standard administration (i.e., they can go to the extended time room).
  • All testers must have a picture on their registration. Exception: 7th/8th-grade talent search students.

Important information for returning students

Clubs and Activities

WRHS offers many extracurricular activities for students. Students can find a full listing of clubs, musical groups, and athletic teams on the Clubs and Activities page of the website. If a student wishes to form a new club, the student must download the Application to Form a Club, fill it out and bring it to the main office.

Classroom Learning Assistants

The CLA program places Upper School students in Lower School classrooms to assist teachers and students. An overview of the program is available in E113 and the Main Office. Students seeking more information should contact Ms. Bosco in E113. Click here for the Classroom Learning Assistant Application. CLAs from last year do not have to apply again. All accepted students will go through a brief training session with Ms. Bosco.

School Supplies

Some ideas about what students need to be successful in school and 
a list of suggested school supplies can be found here.

Bringing a Guest to a WRHS Event

If a WRHS student wants to bring a guest to a WRHS dance or other school function, the guest must fill out a WRHS Dance Permission Form. The completed form must be turned in when the WRHS student is buying tickets for the event.