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The WRHS Social Studies Department, by encouraging a thorough examination of historical and current topics and issues, fosters in students the critical thinking skills necessary to live a productive life as a citizen of America and the world. Students must take three required courses in Grades 9-11, and then may choose from a variety of elective classes during junior and senior years.  In addition to its course offerings, the social studies department offers a variety of co-curricular activities. 

Social Studies Program

WRHS students must earn 15 credits in social studies to graduate. Ten of those credits must come in U.S. History. Following the standard WRHS social studies sequence, students will take World History  in Grade 9, U.S. History I in Grade 10, and U.S. History II in Grade 11.  Social studies courses are offered at the AP, Honors, CPA, and CP levels. Some students may opt for an advanced social studies sequence: Honors World History  in the 9th grade, AP World History in the 10th grade, AP U.S. History in the 11th grade, and other AP electives in the 12th grade. The complete Educational Guide gives detailed descriptions of the courses, sequences and prerequisites of the department.

Complete List of Social Studies Classes and Faculty