Rhubarb Pie's Spring Edition is now available

Rhubarb Pie's Spring Edition is now available
Posted on 05/22/2020
Gaia by Angel SquierAbout Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb Pie is a literary magazine by and for students and staff of Wachusett Regional High School.

A note from the editors on the latest edition: 

We are especially excited to be bringing you the Spring 2020 edition of Rhubarb Pie. Although not all
light and bright, the writing and art featured in this issue represent in some small way the creative life
and beauty of our students and school community. Even the routine of publishing Rhubarb Pie brings some
semblance of former normalcy in what we desperately hope is not the new normal. The writing and art in
this issue reminds us that people can still create, appreciate, and enjoy the arts and that somehow
feels redemptive and hopeful and beautiful.

With Gratitude,
Ms. Reynolds and Mr. Hartshorn