Graduation Updates 2020

                  ROLLING RALLY REMINDERS 

Good evening WRHS Class of 2020, Today was a big day as we began the celebration of your accomplishments with a 17ft LED Screen in the center of Holden. Tonight, in recognition of your original graduation date, the high school will be lit up in green and white. The next big event happens on Saturday with the Rolling Rally. The weather looks great and I can't wait to see all of you and your cars decorated. Just a few quick reminders about Saturday's event: 1) I can't emphasize this enough but SOCIAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES will remain in place and must be followed. This means that students should only be in a car with a family member. Multiple students cannot ride in the same car and if you arrive on campus in this fashion you will be turned away. We are bound to follow these guidelines and we would appreciate everybody cooperating so as to avoid any issues on the day of the rally. Please plan appropriately. 2) Car Decorations - Can't wait to see them, but please remember to be school appropriate and that they do not obstruct your driving. 3) Rally Check in- When coming on campus, please have your last name and your town on a large piece of paper in the front windshield so that we can help to efficiently direct you to the proper staging location 4) When you arrive at your staging location we ask that go every other spot, leaving an empty spot between you and the next car. We also ask that you carefully back into your parking spot as this will make for a quick and easy exit when leaving the lot. Staff will be there to assist. On behalf of the Class Advisors and Class Officers we appreciate you adhering to these rules and look forward to a wonderful event this Saturday. Remember to start arriving on campus after 9:45am and you must be here no later than 10:45am so that we can start on time. Any questions please email Mr. Pratt.

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Cap and Gown Distribution Plan

Cap and Gown Distribution Plan (PDF)


  Good afternoon WRHS Class of 2020,

         On Thursday June 4th, as part of our effort to celebrate the original Class of 2020 Graduation Night, the Senior Class will be sponsoring two events.  The first will be a 17-foot LED wall parked at the Holden Town Hall that will contain a montage of senior photos.  This wall will be present from 9:00am to 10:30pm and we encourage all to drive-by and check out the display.

 Mrs. Knorring and Ms. Baker have reached out to many of you and have been working to collect and organize a picture of each senior with a sign that displays what your future plans are whether it be college, military, trade, job, etc.. All Plans are welcome.  There was also a recent post in the WRHS Class of 2020 Google Classroom.  If you have not yet submitted a photo and would like to be part of this montage please email Mrs. Knorring at or Ms. Baker at by the May 15th deadline.  If you have already emailed your photo in, but do not want to be part of this montage, please send another email to Mrs. Knorring to inform her of your wishes.

 In addition, on the evening of June 4th between the hours of 8:30pm-10:30pm, Wachusett Regional High School will be lit up in Green and White lights as another recognition and celebration of our seniors on what would have been their graduation night. Even though we are unable to celebrate a traditional graduation we still understand the significance of June 4th . 

Mr. Pratt 


Hello Mountaineer Class of 2020,

    We are super excited that after much hard work by your class officers, working with school administrators and town officials, we are ready to announce the finalized plans and schedule for a Rolling Rally to celebrate the Wachusett Class of 2020. This Rolling Rally will begin at the high school and proceed through all 5 towns using a predetermined route. Please take a moment to read up on the details, and remember PLEASE RSVP by May 15, 2020, if you wish to participate, using the link found below.

Date:  Saturday, June 6th

Staging Time: 9:00 am

Start Time: 11:00 am 

Starting location: Wachusett Regional High School

Arrive to school between 9:00 - 9:30 AM using the Main Entrance where you will be checked in and directed to the appropriate staging location on campus.

Route: Final Plan will be announced soon. Awaiting approval from towns.

~ 33 miles through all 5 towns.

How do I participate? 

Simply complete the Google Classroom RSVP form found at the WRHS Class of 2020 Google Classroom.

     Decorate your car and wear College, Class of 2020 or Wachusett Gear to celebrate the occasion.

Rules & Expectations:
For safety purposes we STRONGLY recommend a Family Driver + the Senior in the vehicle.
Please follow all staging instructions.
Hazard lights are required throughout the procession.
No texting while driving and follow other safe driving practices.
Please be conscious of music volume and lyrics during the procession. We must respect the town and properly represent WRHS.
**Respect all social distancing guidelines and remain in your vehicle** 

If you have any questions, contact your class officers, Mrs. Ansell or Mr. Pratt.

Dear WRHS Senior Class of 2020,

   Charles Dickens famously wrote in A Tale of Two Cities that “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. As I try to find the right words to provide you comfort and support I keep finding myself returning back to this quote.  The spring of your senior year has finally arrived, and what many of you envisioned as “the best of times”, with traditional senior events planned suddenly looks very different as we find ourselves stuck in the middle of a global pandemic, “the worst of times”.  I am sure that when asked four years ago what your senior year would look like, nobody would have envisioned what we are currently experiencing.


Truth is I am not sure there are any words that would make this better, but there are actions. I am well aware that a virtual graduation is not the ideal solution, but that is the reality that we have been dealt.  Therefore, we will move forward in a positive direction to put our ideas into actions as we find a way to incorporate the elements of a traditional Wachusett graduation using a new platform. So let us get started.


Each year students are asked to submit ideas for Class Motto, names for Class Marshall, and student speeches to be delivered at graduation.  All of these elements will continue to be part of our graduation ceremony and below there is information on each item.  In addition Google Classroom assignments have been created that will allow submissions made so that we can move forward with planning the graduation for the Class of 2020. 

 Mr. Pratt



The class of 2020 is soliciting speeches for graduation, and we want to hear yours! Speeches may be made by any member of the senior class and will be chosen after auditions are conducted. . If you'd like to be considered to speak at graduation, please submit a video of your speech (max 5 minutes) to the WRHS Class of 2020 Google Classroom assignment.

All speeches will be considered (but, as always, they must be school appropriate). Class advisors and officers will select semifinalists and contact you.

The deadline for submission is 11:59 pm on May 15th. Please contact Mr. Hartshorn or Ms. Hicks with any question



The senior class traditionally chooses two students to lead the graduation procession. Classes try to honor members of their class who have meant a great deal to the class but have not had the kind of recognition that a class officer or exceptional student or athlete has had. Please submit your nominations on the WRHS Class of 2020 Google Classroom by May 8th. Once we have received your nominations, we will send out another Google form for you all to vote.

Please email Mr. Pratt or Mrs. Montiverdi with any questions


Class mottos are usually a line from a poem or song that is meant to convey the thoughts and feelings of the graduating class. If you have a motto you would like to be considered, please access the Class Motto assignment in the WRHS Class of 2020 Google Classroom by May 8th,

Please email Mr. Pratt or Mrs. Montiverdi with any questions.

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